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{{Infobox NewTV
|story name      =
|image           =
|series          =
|number          =
|story number    =
|doctor          =
|companions      =
|enemy           =
|setting         =
|writer          =
|director        =
|producer        =
|broadcast date  =
|format          =
|production code =
|previous story  =
|next story      =

Description of Fields

{{Infobox NewTV
|story name      = Name/Title of story
|image           = Image from the story at 250px
|series          = Series the story belongs to (often [[Doctor Who]] - [[List of Doctor Who television stories|TV stories]])
|number          = Series Number
|story number    = Story Number
|doctor          = Doctor that appears in the story
|companions      = Companions that appears in the story 
|enemy           = Any enemies that appear in the story
|setting         = The setting of the story
|writer          = Writer of the story
|director        = Director of the story
|producer        = Producer of the story
|broadcast date  = Original broadcast date
|format          = Format of the story and running time
|production code = Production code for the story
|previous story  = The previous story
|next story      = The next story
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