Classic Doctors, New Monsters
Big Finish
Doctor: Pedwerydd Doctor,

Chweched Doctor,
Seithfed Doctor,
Wythfed Doctor

Cymdeithion: n/a
Gelyn: Weeping Angels,


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Prif griw
Cyhoeddwyd gan: Big Finish Productions
Ysgrifennwyd gan: Phil Mulryne,

Simon Barnard,
Paul Morris,
James Goss,
Andrew Smith

Cyfarwyddwyd gan Barnaby Edwards
Miwsig Howard Carter
Sain Howard Carter,

Iain Meadows,
Martin Montague

Manylion rhyddhad
Rhif rhyddhad: 1
Dyddiad darllediad: 28 Gorffennaf 2016
Fformat: 4 episôd ar 4 CD
Cod Cynnyrch: n/a
Storïau sain Doctor Who Big Finish
Stori blaenorol: n/a
Stori canlynol: TBA
Classic Doctors, New Monsters (Cy: Doctoriaid Clasuron, Angenfilod Newydd) oedd antholeg sain cast llawn, rhyddhwyd yng Ngorffennaf 2016 gan Big Finish Productions. Darluniodd y Pedwerydd, Chweched, Seithfed ac Wythfed Doctoriaid ac angenfilod o'r gyfres atgyfodedid o 2005.

Crynodeb y Cyhoeddwr Golygu

Fallen Angels Golygu

2015: When sightseers Joel and Gabby Finch encounter a strange man in Edwardian cricketing garb in the Sistine Chapel, their honeymoon suddenly takes a terrifying turn.

1511Michelangelo is commissioned to create some very special sculptures by a mysterious sect. But as he carves, angels seem to emerge fully-formed from the rock. Almost as if they are alive…

From Michelangelo's workshop to the catacombs of Rome, the Fifth Doctor must keep his wits about him and his eyes wide open as he confronts the Weeping Angels.

Judoon in Chains Golygu

The Sixth Doctor is no stranger to courtroom drama, but faces a very different challenge when he prepares to defend a most unusual Judoon.

After an environmental clearance mission goes wrong, Captain Kybo of the Nineteenth Judoon Interplanetary Force is stranded in Victorian England, bound in chains, an exhibit in a circus show. But he has allies: Eliza Jenkins – known to audiences as 'Thomasina Thumb' – and the larger-than-life 'clown' in the colourful coat.

Uncovering a trail of injustice and corruption, the Doctor and Kybo soon find themselves on trial for their lives…

Harvest of the Sycorax Golygu

In the far futurehumanity has a remedy for everything. Whatever the problem, Pharma Corps has the answer and a designer disease tailored to every human's blood-type. Zanzibar Hashtag has no need to be sad, scared, stressed, or depressed ever again.

That is, until vicious aliens arrive on her space station intent on opening its Vault. What will it mean for the human race if the Sycorax take control of what's inside?

And when the Seventh Doctor arrives on the scene, can he convince Zanzibar to care about her life long enough to help him?

The Sontaran Ordeal Golygu

An instant of the Time War brings centuries of conflict to the planet Drakkis, and the Eighth Doctor is there to witness the terrible results.

Sontaran fleet, desperate to join the epic conflict, follows in its wake to take advantage of the fallout. But when Commander Jask is beamed down to the ravaged surface, there is more to his arrival than first appears.

Soon, an unlikely champion joins forces with the Time Lord to fight for the future of her world, and together they must face the Sontaran Ordeal…

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Dolenni Allanol Golygu

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