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[[en:The War Doctor (audio series)]]
[[en:The War Doctor (audio series)]]
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The War Doctor
Cyhoeddwr: Big Finish Productions
Math: Cyfres sain
Dyddiad rhyddau: 14 Medi 2015 - 23 Chwefror 2017
Storïau sain Doctor Who Big Finish
Stori blaenorol: n/a
Stori canlynol: n/a
Cyfres sain oedd The War Doctor, cynhyrchwyd gan Big Finish Productions, yn dechrau yn 2015. Serennodd y Doctor Rhyfel, chwareuodd gan John Hurt.


Only the Monstrous

  • The Innocent
  • The Thousand Worlds
  • The Heart of the Battle

Infernal Devices

  • Legion of the Lost
  • A Thing of Guile
  • The Neverwhen

Agents of Chaos

  • The Shadow Vortex
  • The Eternity Cage
  • Eye of Harmony

Casualties of War

  • Pretty Lies
  • The Lady of Obsidian
  • The Enigma Dimension

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