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Fy lefel o Gymraeg[]

Er imi siarad Cymraeg yn rhugl, dydy fy lefel o Gymraeg ysgrifeneg yn berffaith. Dydy Cymraeg ddim fy mamiaith felly os Cymro neu Cymrawes ydych chi, plis helpa fi efo'r prwf-ddarllen! Os ydych chi'n nabod rhywun sy'n gallu helpu, recriwtia fo/hi!

To be checked[]

The following articles require the most proof-reading:


Below is just a to-do list of some of the most important pages that have either been created but haven't been finished, or have yet to be created. If I didn't write them down, I'd just go crazy![1]

If you are planning on helping with the following pages, please have a strong grasp of the Welsh language. You don't have to be native, but any natives out there who wish to perfect the language and make it sound more natural (for an encyclopaedia), go ahead.

Doctor/Companion Projects[]

Doctor pages are very important (obviously). To make life easier for the moment, we are only interested in TV episodes. Once every Doctor page has their TV adventures written, then we can move to novels and audios.

Other mega important projects[]

These are articles devoted to people or things integral to the series.

Semi-important projects[]

  • Caerdydd / Llundain / Bryste / Cymru
  • EDAs, starting with The Eight Doctors

Long term Projects[]

I'm currently working my way through the list of Doctor Who episodes. This can accessed on the navigation bar of any episode page. There's no particular place you need to start, as long as the page is well written. I tend to do no more than one per day, so that I can focus on that one and only episode. In fact, I've started working from the very beginning. The following links were written here a while back but I can't remember why I've left them here:

Episode lists[]

Here are some interesting insights into the current progress of our main series TV stories articles. This list does not automatically update. If you do indeed create a page, use templates provided. Remember the number reflects the articles needed, not the number of episodes.

Rhaglen Tudalen Cyfrif %
DW Rhestr storïau deledu Doctor Who 34/297 11.45%
TW Rhestr storïau deledu Torchwood 03/41 7.32%
SJA Rhestr storïau deledu The Sarah Jane Adventures 04/27 14.81%
K9 Rhestr storïau deledu K9 (cyfres deledu) 01/26 3.8%
Class Rhestr storïau deledu Class 00/07 0.00%

Last updated: 22:16, 3rd November 2017

Fy nghyfraniadau - My contributions[]


Just random notes[]

These notes are just for myself.

  • "#012C47" - New TARDIS Blue - colour used on borders in this Wiki.
  • "#ececec" - Eggshell - colour used in backgrounds in this Wiki.