Yma, dych chi'n ffeindio erthyglau hawdd a bach. Os ydych chi ddim yn deall gair neu brawddeg, dych chi'n gallu defnyddio y dudalen Sgwrs yma i ofyn ni!

Here, you can find short and easy articles. If you don't understand a word or sentence, you can use the Talk page here to ask us. Try to use friends, Facebook groups and dictionaries to find the words first. But if you've tried everything and still don't know, you can ask here.

Hawdd iawn - Very easyGolygu

These are for the very beginners and only consist of a couple of lines.

  • Dosbarth Alffa - very short article and a nice easy starter!
  • Crisial Vintaric - very short but contains a couple of tricky words. Have your dictionary ready!

Erthygl gyfeillgarGolygu

These are articles that have one or two paragraphs in them and a mix of Welsh levels.

  • Platfform Un - this page is medium size and the contains a medium level of Welsh. Some parts are easier than others.
  • Vega - a medium sized page about the planet called Vega. Let's see what you can understand.
  • The Seeds of War - a page regarding the audio story The Seeds of War with the Sixth Doctor and Mel. It's not too long and there are some lovely new words in there.


These are the tricky articles, which contain all sorts of interesting grammar points and specific vocabulary about television and technology.

  • Ffederasiwn Galaethol - This article is about the Galactic Federation. Some parts of challenging and some parts are less challenging. A nice starter for you!
  • The End of the World - This is a long article and contains all sorts of tricky words and verbs. My advice is to pick only one paragraph to start with and try to understand the jist. You don't have to understand every word to understand.