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Guten Tag! Ich spreche kein deutsch.

My main talk page is located elsewhere, but if your message is specifically about this wiki, please leave your message below.

Hi, Doctor Who Torchwood Wiki freut sich, dass du zu uns gestoßen bist! Danke für deine Bearbeitung auf der Seite Benutzer Diskussion:Scott Eccles.

Falls du irgendwelche Hilfe brauchen solltest, kannst du mir gerne eine Nachricht auf meiner Diskussionsseite hinterlassen! -- Scott Eccles (Diskussion) 21:11, 27. Jul. 2012

Thank you very much. I hope, that there are some other german fans, who want to work in this wiki...--Scott Eccles (Diskussion) 05:02, 23. Aug. 2012 (UTC)

Question about English Doctor Who wiki

Dear CzechOut,
I'm a contributior of this wiki and have a question about the English Doctor Who wiki. Is it allowed to translate content from the English Doctor Who wiki to the German language?

Yours sincerely
Ruben406 (Kontakt) 21:31, 2. Jan. 2013 (UTC)

Answer about the question

Dear CzechOut,

Thanks for your answer. Okay, I will translate some articles in next time to the German language and I will not forget to link the Interlanguage links to the German articles.

PS: Thanks for your information about my signature. The link to my talk page is now correct. :)

Yours sincerely
Ruben406 (KontaktBeiträge) 10:35, 3. Jan. 2013 (UTC)

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