Esta es la lista de apariciones de Martha Jones.


Doctor WhoEditar

Temporada 3Editar


Mini episodiosEditar

  • Time Crash (cameo; resumen de la historia anterior)

Temporada 4Editar

Temporada 5Editar

Extras de DVDEditar

Temporada 6Editar


Temporada 2Editar



BBC New Series Adventures - Novelas del décimo DoctorEditar

  • The last dodo
  • Wooden heart
  • Sting of the Zygons
  • Sick building
  • Wetworld
  • Forever autumn
  • Peacemaker
  • The pirate loop
  • Wishing well
  • The many hands
  • Martha in the mirror
  • Snowglobe 7
  • The story of Martha
Quick ReadsEditar
  • Made of steel
  • Revenge of the Judoon

Decide your destinyEditar

  • The spaceship graveyard
  • Alien arena
  • The time crocodile
  • The Corinthian project
  • The crystal snare
  • War of the robots
  • Dark planet
  • The haunted wagon train

Relatos cortosEditar

Libros de Doctor WhoEditar

  • Cats and dogs
  • The body bank
  • The box under the tree
  • Zombie motel
  • The iron circle
  • Kiss of life
  • Deep water

Doctor Who FilesEditar

  • Needle point

Doctor Who AnnualEditar

  • The planet that wept

Relatos cortos onlineEditar

  • 42 prologue (cameo)


BBC Radio DramasEditar

  • Lost souls


Doctor Who Magazine Editar

  • The woman who sold the world
  • Bus stop
  • The first
  • Death to the Doctor!
  • Universal monsters

Doctor Who Adventures Editar

  • The skrawn inheritance
  • The green, the bad and the ugly
  • Minus seven wonders
  • The last soldier
  • Signs of life
  • Shipwreck!
  • Cold war
  • Waste not
  • A Klytode Christmas

Doctor Who: Battles in time Editar

  • Exhausting evil
  • Wrath of the warrior
  • The screaming prison
  • Force and fury
  • Warriors' revenge
  • Head start
  • Jewel of the vile
  • Lock, stocks and barrel
  • End game
  • The millenium blag
  • Second wave
  • Operation lock-up
  • Crime after crime
  • House pests
  • Minor trouble
  • Inhuman sacrifice
  • Crimes and punishment

IDW PublishingEditar

Mini-series y one-shotsEditar

  • Agent provocateur
  • The forgotten (interpretado por otro personaje)
  • The whispering gallery
  • Black death white life

Doctor Who (2009)Editar

  • Tesseract (cameo)
  • Don't step on the grass
  • Doctor Who Annual 2010: Ground control (cameo)

Doctor Who AnnualEditar

  • Myth maker
  • Swarm enemies

Libro de historietas de Doctor WhoEditar

  • Sunscreen

BBC Writters' ComicsEditar

  • In-flight entertainment
  • Mind shadows
  • The beast is back in town (interpretado por otro personaje)
  • Mad Martha (duplicado robot)
  • Escape to Penhaxico
  • Who ate all the biscuits?
  • The Baktek illusion
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