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La siguiente es la lista de apariciones del Noveno Doctor.


Doctor WhoEditar

Temporada 1 Editar

Temporada 7Editar

Especiales de 2013Editar



BBC Eighth Doctor AdventuresEditar

  • The tomorrow windows (cameo)

BBC New Series Adventures - Ninth Doctor NovelsEditar

  • The clockwise man
  • The monsters inside
  • Winner takes all
  • The deviant strain
  • The stealers of dreams
  • Only human

Time HunterEditar

  • The albino's dancer (cameo)

Ficción cortaEditar

Doctor Who Annual 2006Editar

  • Doctor vs Doctor
  • The masks of Makassar
  • Pitter-patter
  • What I did on my Christmas holidays by Sally Sparrow

Doctor Who MagazineEditar

  • Voice from the vortex!


  • Who is Doctor Who?


Historias de audio Big FinishEditar

  • The kingmaker (cameo)


Doctor Who Annual 2006

  • Mr Nobody

Doctor Who MagazineEditar

  • The love invasion
  • Art attack
  • The cruel sea
  • A groatsworth of wit
  • Death to the Doctor! (flashback)

IDW PublishingEditar

  • The forgotten (flashback)
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