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Dave Stone est un écrivain britannique ayant écrit dans une grande variété de collection de livres Doctor Who.


Doctor Who[]

Virgin New Adventures[]

  • Sky Pirates!
  • Death and Diplomacy

Virgin Missing Adventures[]

  • Burning Heart

Telos Doctor Who Novella[]

Citadel of Dreams

BBC Past Doctor Adventures[]

  • Heart of TARDIS

BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures[]

  • The Slow Empire

Doctor Who Short Stories[]

  • Moon Graffiti (dans More Short Trips)

Short Trips[]

  • A Yuletide Tail (dans Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury)

Bernice Summerfield[]

Virgin Bernice Summerfield New Adventures[]

Ship of Fools Oblivion The Mary-Sue Extrusion Return to the Fractured Planet


The Green-Eyed Monsters The Worst Thing in the World The End of the World


The Infernal Nexus The Two Jasons


Zardox Break Jason and the Pirates


The Door into Bedlam Alien Planets and You Suffer the Children Back and There Again

Publications caritatives[]

  • Titre inconnu (dans Perfect Timing 2)
  • Titre inconnu (dans Walking in Eternity)
  • Titre inconnu (dans The Cat Who Walked Through Time II)