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Eddie Robson (né le 20 décembre 1978) est un écrivain de plusieurs audio et nouvelles pour Big Finish Productions.


Doctor Who[]

Doctor Who Short Stories[]

Short Trips[]

  • The Little Drummer Boy (dans Short Trips: Companions)
  • The Juror's Story (dans Short Trips: Repercussions)
  • Visiting Hours (dans Short Trips: A Day in the Life)
  • Mercury (dans Short Trips: The Solar System)
  • Not in My Back Yard (dans Short Trips: The History of Christmas)
  • The Avant Guardian (dans Short Trips: Time Signature)
  • Remain in Light (dans Short Trips: Snapshots)
  • Decorative Purposes (dans Short Trips: The Ghosts of Christmas)
  • Interesting Times (dans Short Trips: Christmas Around The World)
  • The Power Supply (dans Short Trips: Indefinable Magic)

Big Finish Productions[]

Memory Lane I.D. The Condemned The Raincloud Man Industrial Evolution The Jupiter Conjunction 1963: Fanfare for the Common Men

The New Eighth Doctor Adventures[]

Phobos Human Resources Human Resources Grand Theft Cosmos The Eight Truths Worldwide Web Situation Vacant Prisoner of the Sun

Bernice Summerfield[]


The Empire State Freedom of Information Beyond the Sea Secret Origins Resurrecting the Past Escaping the Future


The Light that Never Dies Against Gardens Match of the Deity The Two-Level Effect Thirty Love Linking Material

Big Finish Productions[]

Drames audio de Big Finish Productions offerts aux abonnés[]

The Five Companions

Doctor Who Unbound[]

The Masters of War

The Companion Chronicles[]

Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code Binary The Jigsaw War

  • The Apocalypse Mirror

Iris Wildthyme[]

Obverse Books[]

  • The Colour Scheme (dans The Panda Book of Horror)