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Ian Potter est un écrivain et compositeur pour Big Finish Productions.


Doctor Who[]

Big Finish Productions[]

  • The Time of the Daleks
  • The Wormery


Doctor Who[]

Short Trips[]

  • Still Lives (dans Short Trips: Zodiac)
  • Apocrypha Bipedium (dans Short Trips: Companions)
  • Confabula (dans Short Trips: The Muses)
  • Present Tense (dans Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury)
  • The Three Paths (dans Short Trips: Farewells)

Big Finish Productions[]


The Pelage Project

The Companion Chronicles[]

The Alchemists The Sleeping City

Supplément audio du Doctor Who Magazine[]

  • The Revenants

Obverse Books[]

  • Iris Wildthyme and the Unholy Ghost (dans The Panda Book of Horror)

Faction Paradox[]

  • The Story of the Peace (dans A Romance in Twelve Parts)