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John Dorney est un acteur et auteur pour Big Finish Productions.


Doctor Who[]

Doctor Who Short Stories[]

Short Trips[]

  • Lepidoptery for Beginners (dans Short Trips: Defining Patterns)

Big Finish Productions[]

Special Features The Fourth Wall The Burning Prince 1963: The Assassination Games

The Fourth Doctor Adventures[]

Wrath of the Iceni The Justice of Jalxar The King of Sontar The Crooked Man

Bernice Summerfield[]


Dead Man's Switch


The Propaganda War

Big Finish Productions[]


Sins of the Fathers Unto the Breach

Jago & Litefoot[]

Swan Song Beautiful Things

The Companion Chronicles[]

Solitaire Echoes of Grey The Rocket Men Second Chances

The Lost Stories[]

The Destroyers The Elite Foe from the Future Lords of the red Planet


Doctor Who[]

Big Finish Productions[]

  • Bakoan (dans Faith Stealer)
  • Assistant au maquillage (dans The Last)

Big Finish Productions[]

Gallifrey (série)[]

  • Étudiant B'arech (dans Lies)
  • Étudiant B'arech (dans Insurgency)
  • Henzil (dans Fractures)
  • Capitaine Henzil (dans Appropriation)
  • Capitaine Henzil (dans Mindbomb)
  • Capitaine Henzil (dans Panacea)

Iris Wildthyme[]

Big Finish Productions[]

  • Roger the Naxian (dans The Two Irises)