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Martin Day (né en 1968) est un scénariste et écrivain.


Doctor Who[]

Virgin Missing Adventures[]

  • The Menagerie

BBC Past Doctor Adventures[]

The Hollow Men

  • Bunker Soldiers

BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures[]

The Sleep of Reason

BBC Tenth Doctor Adventures[]

Wooden Heart

BBC Eleventh Doctor Adventures[]

Livre audio[]

The Jade Pyramid

Doctor Who Short Stories[]

Short Trips[]

  • It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow (dans Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury)

Big Finish Productions[]

No Man's Land

Comics du Dixième Docteur (Doctor Who Adventures)[]

  • The Green, the Bad and the Ugly
  • The Last Soldier
  • The Halls of Sacrifice
  • The Old Kings of Skarab
  • Attack of the Mange Mites!
  • By Order of the Bonemenders
  • The Alice in Wonderland Circuit

Bernice Summerfield[]


The Revenant's Carnival

Virgin Bernice Summerfield New Adventures[]

Another Girl, Another Planet


The Garden of Whispers

The Sarah Jane Adventures[]

Livres audio[]

The Children of Steel

Charity Publications[]

  • Quicksilver Bees (dans Perfect Timing 2)
  • JUPITER - For Want of a Better Word (dans Tales of the Solar System)