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Steve Lyons est un écrivain britannique. Il a surtout écrit des romans et audio pour Doctor Who.


Doctor Who[]

Virgin New Adventures[]

  • Conundrum
  • Head Games

Virgin Missing Adventures[]

  • Time of Your Life
  • Killing Ground

Livres des précédents Docteurs (BBC)[]

  • The Murder Game
  • The Witch Hunters
  • Salvation
  • The Final Sanction

Livres du Huitième Docteur (BBC)[]

  • The Space Age
  • The Crooked World

Livres du Neuvième Docteur (BBC)[]

The Stealers of Dreams

Livres du Onzième Docteur (BBC)[]

Livre audio[]

Day of the Cockroach

Nouvelles Doctor Who[]

  • Freedom (dans Short Trips (anthologie))
  • The Eternity Contract (dans More Short Trips)
  • Face Value (dans Short Trips and Side Steps)
Big Finish Productions[]
  • Hearts of Stone (dans Short Trips: Companions)
  • Katarina in the Underworld (dans Short Trips: The Muses)
  • The Destroyers (dans Short Trips: Life Science)
  • The Colour of Monsters (dans Short Trips: Monsters)
  • All Our Christmases (dans Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury)
  • Father Figure (dans Short Trips: Farewells)
  • See No Evil (dans Short Trips: Transmissions)
  • Shamans (dans Short Trips: Indefinable Magic)

Destiny of the Doctor[]

Smoke and Mirrors

Doctor Who Yearbook[]

  • One Last Try (dans Doctor Who Yearbook 1995)

Penguin Books[]

2 en 1[]

Terminal of Despair

Big Finish Productions[]

The Fires of Vulcan Colditz Time Works Son of the Dragon The Architects of History


  • The Completely Useless Encyclopedia (avec Chris Howarth)
  • The Completely Unofficial Encyclopedia (avec Chris Howarth)

Bernice Summerfield[]


Taken by the Muses

Big Finish Productions[]

The Audio Scripts[]

  • The Fires of Vulcan (dans The Audio Scripts)

Gallifrey (série)[]


Supplément audio du Doctor Who Magazine[]

The Ratings War

The Companion Chronicles[]

Resistance The Selachian Gambit The House of Cards

Iris Wildthyme[]

Obverse Books[]

  • A Gamble with Wildthyme (dans Iris Wildthyme and the Celestial Omnibus)