The Fifth Traveller
The Fifth Traveller (audio)
Docteur: Premier Docteur
Compagnons: Ian, Barbara, Vicki
Ennemis: Jospa

Détails sur la production

Auteur: Philip Lawrence
Réalisateur: Lisa Bowerman
Producteur: Big Finish Productions

Détails de publication

N° de série: 3.2
Publication: 13 octobre 2016
Format: 4 épisodes sur 2 CD
ISBN: ISBN 978-1-78178-379-5
The Early Adventures
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The Fifth Traveller (le Cinquième Voyageur) est le deuxième épisode de la saison 3 de la série audio The Early Adventures.

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The Doctor, Ian, Barbara, Vicki and Jospa land the TARDIS on the homeworld of the Arunde. Emerging into the jungle that covers the planet and encountering the strange wildlife dwelling within, the travellers are unaware that the true rulers live high above them in the trees.

The ape-like members of the tribe are in trouble. The last Matriar's nest has been lost to the surface, and the people are hungry... Maybe these strangers may be responsible. And some believe they may be salvation.

The TARDIS crew are about to find themselves in the middle of somebody else's battle. But there's more at stake than even they can know.

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