{{Dadate/doc}} stands for {{day dab away}}. As a sister to {{dab away}} ({{da}}) and {{title dab away}} ({{tda}}), it performs a function you might already have encountered. It looks at the title of a page and then strips away dab term, leaving you with just the base name of the page. In other words, it will take 1 January (people) and return simply 1 January.

But, unlike other "dab away" templates, it only works on days of the year pages. It takes no parameters.

It is principally used in {{DayNav}}, where it strips away the dab term at, say, 1 January (releases), and then allows the code to discover that the page describes a day in the month of January. It is the primary engine behind the part of the calendar that announces the previous, next and current month.


As of June 2013, it differentiates between pages that have no dab terms (1 September, for instance) and these three dab terms:

  • (people)
  • (production)
  • (releases)

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