{{Daydab/doc}} is a template that is at the heart of the {{DayNav}} family of templates. It allows the discovery of the dab term on a certain days of the year page.


If you type the following


on, say, 1 January (production), this template will return (production). On 1 January (releases), it will give you (releases).

That's it. There are no parameters, no nothin'. Just {{daydab}}. Its utility outside of {{DayNav}} is therefore hard to imagine. But within {{DayNav}} it allows you to figure out what kind of day page you're on and therefore populate the calendar with other days that have that same dab term.

So, because of {{daydab}}, when you're on 1 June (people), the calendar fills up with other (people) days in the month of June.


As of June 2013, it differentiates between pages that have no dab terms (1 September, for instance) and these three dab terms:

  • (people)
  • (production)
  • (releases)

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