הוראות עבור {{Docpic}}

{{Docpic}} is a template that creates a rotating gallery of pictures, so as to finally end the disputes which periodically arise on Talk:The Doctor and Talk:The Master.


In an infobox, delete the line תבנית:Tt. Replace with תבנית:Tt

HartnellHeadOn TwoLooksLeftEOTD ThreeChinRubCOA FourLooksLeftFOE FiveHeroShotEnlightenment SixthDoctor1 SevenLeftLookingSN McGannLooksLeft Pensieve doc nine TenSpecsProfileSITL ElevenSomberVOTD

Known issues

Doesn't work for Opera users. They're stuck with a static picture of Eleven, but Opera isn't supported by Wikia anyway.

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