הוראות עבור {{Random}}

{{random}} generates a random number, at least to the extent that non-mathematicians will be happy with the term "random", through simple markup. The number can be from 1 to whatever number you choose, up to 1000.

Syntax is straightforward:

{{random|1000}} = 847

This number will change every time the page loads.

Though this simple aspect is enough to power any number of functions — such as determining which random, numbered subpage to call on a page, the template does have additional sophistication, detailed at template:random on Wikipedia.

Example of calling forth a page

If you type the following, you will get a different quote of the week on every page load:

{{qotw/{{#expr:{{random|52}} + 1}}}}
Test it out by reloading this page several times. What you get below will be different on almost every page, though with a sample size of only 52, you're bound to get some repeats. The reason is because there are 53 pages in the following format:
However, there is no {{qotw/0}}. Thus by adding 1 to the randomly selected number between 0 and 52, we ensure the choice will be between the numbers 1 and 53.
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