Lista de aparições do Terceiro Doctor.


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Série ClássicaEditar

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Temporada 8Editar
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Temporada 10Editar
Temporada 11Editar
Especial de 20 anosEditar

Série ModernaEditar

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Especiais de 2013Editar


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The Third Doctor AdventuresEditar

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The Companion ChroniclesEditar

Temporada 1Editar
Temporada 2Editar
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The Lost StoriesEditar

Temporada 4Editar

Destiny Of The DoctorEditar

Short TripsEditar

  • Degrees of Truth
  • A True Gentleman
  • Walls of Confinement
  • Seven to One
  • Pop-Up
  • Lost in the Wakefield Triangle
  • A Home From Home
  • Time Tunnel
  • The Other Woman
  • The Blame Game
  • Damascus
  • The Christmas Dimension
  • Gardeners' Worlds
  • Landbound
  • Taken For Granted

BBC New Series AdventuresEditar

  • The Lost Magic

Horros Of WarEditar