Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This is the part of the Article of the Minute series of templates that is actually placed on the main page. It has virtually no user serviceable parts. It contains merely the mathematical randomiser that is used to figure out which of the aotm templates should then be called. The only interaction an admin needs to have with this template is to increment the base number as more of the aotm templates are created. Virtually the entirety of this template is:

{{aotm/{{#expr:{{random|26}} + 1}}}}

As of 13 June 2012, there are 27 different aotm templates. Admin should increment the number in the {{random}} statement to be one less than the true number of aotm templates. (The "+1" math recognises the fact that a possible result of the expression is 0, but that the first aotm template is {{aotm/1}}.) Predefinição:Doctor Who Wiki/Aotm

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